Cartoons From Your Childhood That Crossed The Line?


Some of these cartoons had their share of awkward moments. And they say kids can’t handle#1 Protecting the Kids

Well, calm down.. that’s all he is doing#2 Angry BeaversUm. These two sure had an interesting way of “wrestling” with each other…#3 Panda ExpressSo, apparently Papa Bear has a problem with Asians…#4 Caught UpThis scene was way more adult than you’d expect to see in this movie. But we loved it!#5 Tongue Action

Well, don’t think we need to tell you what this reminds us of!#6 “Girlhood”Uh, looks like Helga was a little ahead of her time… and kind of a freak!#7 Twerkin’ Over HereDot really was a handful to deal with. We’re almost positive that modern-day Miley is trying to live up to Dot’s swagger.#8 Pointy NoseThis show really has gotten away with a lot over the years! We wouldn’t have it any other way!#9 Fertilized Eggs

Uh… they were able to show that on TV? Nothing like teaching your four year old how to say the word semen…#10 Accidents HappenAs a kid you’re not really sure what that means, but as you get older you realize that’s a little close to the line!#11 Two FeetAnd lastly, while it wasn’t a cartoon, this was definitely crossing the line for a family movie!