32 photos in which luck was on the side of photographers


A lot of factors must coincide to get a successful photo. Professionals sometimes spend years waiting to catch that very moment on their cameras. But sometimes this moment can be captured completely accidentally by amateurs. In both cases, a simple shot becomes a masterpiece.

This jumping dog looks like a hero of anime cartoons.

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Who did the stork bring to us?

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“I love you so much that I want to eat you up!”

© GallowBoob/reddit

This magic lasts less than a second.

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“My very favorite picture of my father. He’s the one that set the camera’s timer.”

© LovelySweet1789/reddit

The dance of yin and yang

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“Sometimes, extremely rarely, it just all comes together for a wildlife photographer. I’m so glad this time it did.”

© GeorgeTheExplorer/reddit

What an optimistic truck!

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Here we see the difference of tempers in one shot.

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This service dog enjoys his cake on the occasion of his retirement.

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“Look, it looks cool with this filter!”

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A mesmerizing jump from a humpback whale

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This mother elephant is defending her cubs from a bull.

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Cats flirting

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Another prince jumped away!

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His Majesty the Cat

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An ideal moment of unity with nature

© nicksta18/imgur

What a meeting!

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“Been dreaming of this moment since Belle and Snow White showed me how it’s done.”

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Someone managed to capture the moment when the lightning shot the tree.

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The perfidy of seagulls has no boundaries.

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“Found him in Achankovil Forest in Kerala, India.”

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It’s not a child but an angel!

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An eclipse through the wing of a bird

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Grace is definitely not his main feature.

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“We bet you didn’t notice Godzilla.”

© Dial7ToUndial/imgur

Playing hide and seek. Level: God.

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10 points for artistry!

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Just a plane landing…

© unknown

“My cat sneezed as soon as I took this picture.”

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Hot tea spilled at −40°F

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“It’s not a hovercraft, just really clear water.”


Sometimes photographers hunt for the perfect frame for a lifetime, and sometimes it turns out completely spontaneously.