30+ Times People Miraculously Avoided The Biggest Disasters


Relief. There are few feelings as sweet as relief, that warm glow you get as you exhale deeply into a huge ‘PHEW!’ and you realize that a huge shitstorm has just been narrowly avoided#1 My Great-Grandfather Was Shot In The Chest By A German Soldier During World War I. Luckily, The Coins In His Breast Pocket Absorbed The Bullet And Saved His Life. You Could Say He Didn’t Need Much Money To Survive

via: Fadawah#2 Safety Specs Saved This Guy’s Eye From An Exploding Angle Grinder Discvia: austaul#3 When Jesus Loves You Very Muchvia: superhero112#4 Close Callvia: The_Fool-On-The_Hill#5 That Was Closevia: Jamtonisalon#6 Almost…via: ShirePony#7 Almost Had A Heart Attack#8 A Shark Bit Her, But She Wasn’t Tasty Enough. Some Researchers Believe That In The Initial Bite A Shark Can Detect The Ratio Of Fat To Bone Or Muscle And Whether Its Mouthful Is Worth Eating Or Notvia: kprcrobert#9 Well That Was A Close Callvia: blakblob#10 A Friend Of Mine Almost Lost His Wedding Band To The Drain Today. The Drain Had Mercyvia: ItsDamnHardToGetAGoodUsername#11 Well, That Was Closevia: tinybell#12 Boulder Nearly Takes Out Italian Farm Housevia: markpitts#13 Just Avoided A Potential Credit Card Theft. Always Wiggle The Card Readervia: atlas5280#14 Almost Stepped On This Little Nope-Rope While Shootingvia: pewpewfordays#15 I Almost Died Today, And My Mom Got A Perfectly Timed Picture Of My Dad Saving Mevia: OregonLumberjack#16 There Was A Mud Slide Just North Of My Town And This Caltrans Truck Driver Had A Very Close Call. To The Left Is The Pacific Oceanvia: BigByrdd#17 This Is What I Call A Close Call!via: nomdeweb#18 Close Callvia: Bigfloppy#19 This Car Owner Is Just Lucky#20 Cell Phone Saved Workers Leg From Chainsawvia: WarlockRock11#21 Close Callvia: Beepis#22 Being Late To Work Saved My Life. If I’ve Left Home 2 Seconds Earlier, This Car Would Have Fell On Top Of My Head!via: Tamerito#23 Well, That Was A Close Callvia: My_kielbasa_sausage#24 I Got Lucky That I Noticed Before I Started Brushingvia: Unusual_Request#25 This Guy Had Two Nails From A Nail Gun Hit His Leg, And They Both Missed His Femur And His Kneecapvia: ILLMATIC1994#26 These Two Car Owners Should Play The Lottery Today. Not A Scratch On Either Carvia: lehighwiz#27 This Is Why You Wear Safety Glassesvia: Coos-Coos#28 Lucky Carvia: holysocks#29 …hole In One? Direct Hit While Drinking His Beer. Close Call!via: theotherguy1981#30 Close Callvia: atrais#31 Close Callvia: felix33#32 I Feared The Worst When This Tree Toppled Over In The Direction Of My Car. But When The Snow Was Cleared Away I Realized How Incredibly Lucky I Wasvia: DrewFlan#33 Almost Caught My Office On Fire Today. Glad I Had This Glass Separating My Laptop And Wood Deskvia: graystunna#34 Close Callvia: sevendoor#35 Close Call During A Cyclone In My Home Town Todayvia: Prophylactic-Shock#36 Very Lucky Monday Morning So Farvia: kr8zytiger#37 When You Find A Knife Point In Your Frozen Berries From The Farm And Think Your Father Is Trying To Kill You – Then Remember You Snapped It Off Breaking It Up Yesterdayvia: kjthewhitelion#38 Close Callvia: NSFW_PORN_ONLY#39 Definition Of A Close Callvia: beingknown#40 Near Missvia: patsymaryrichienut#41 This Is What We Call A Closecall. Found By One Of Our Fire Inspectors Today. Given A Bit More Time It Would’ve Been Found By Firefightersvia: RHFES#42 Close Callvia: Mech1423