21 photos that were meant to be a bit different before these hilarious strangers photobombed them. Let’s see which you like the most!


When we take a picture, we pay attention to all the details: the background, poses, and facial expressions. However, sometimes we can’t foresee everything, and unpredictable things make photos much better.

21. “My lady friend wanted a piggyback picture on the beach, and a random biker watching the sunset said he wanted one too.”

© sizertl/reddit

20. “My friend tried to take a nice picture at the mall.”

© TongueCave/reddit

19. “My photobomb at Coachella was captured by the paparazzi.”

© Jahneeee/reddit

18. “Took a photo of my buddy while he was fishing. I call this one Damn, she found me.”

© brosephs/reddit

17. “It’s so irritating when cute girls mess with my photo shoot.”

© Lutya/reddit

16. “My son was asked to take a picture of a nice Asian family at Disneyland…he did not understand.”

© utrain211/reddit

15. We wonder when they noticed this epic photobomber?

© princeofthepersia/reddit

14. “If you’re gonna photobomb a kiss, do it right.”

© Draquoir/imgur

13. “Oh, I’m sorry. Were you taking a picture of the castle?”

© NoatakKenway/imgur

12. “I photobombed a girl on the beach taking pictures, told her about it, and had her send it to me.”

© neigelthornberry/reddit

11. Sweet old man at the beach: “Would you like me to take a photo of you 2 lovebirds?“ My wife: ”Yes please!” Nailed it.

© Tyguy462/reddit

10. “Ran into this crew while taking pictures in the park. They asked to be in a photo, and it turned out amazing!”

© creecedogg13/reddit

9. Well, it looks a bit scary.

© grumbythump/reddit

8. “This homeless guy photobombed my wedding shoot.”

© unknown/imgur

7. “One is never too old to photobomb a bikini shot.”

© Aleromo/imgur

6. Let’s hope it’s just an illusion.

© rocketnews24

5. “Gimme a sec.”

© fozzyfreakingbear/reddit

4. “Possibly the most skillful photobomb ever.”

© subbadubdub/reddit

3. “So I’m trying to take a picture of a dog until this lil cutie comes by and TOTALLY photobombs.”

© meetme_inmontauk/reddit

2. “Tried to take a selfie at JFK. Caught this gem before I could figure out how to reverse the cam.”

© sumthininteresting/reddit

1. He wasn’t invited to take a family photo, so he did what he had to.

© yourmathskills/imgur

What is your favorite photobomb from this article?