19 People Who Will Do a Perfect Job One Day but Not Today


Kết quả hình ảnh cho 19 People Who Will Do a Perfect Job One Day but Not TodayWe postpone some tasks and sometimes we get lazy — it’s perfectly normal. But what should you do if you got lazy right in the middle of the working day or at a moment when you need to solve an urgent issue? In such cases, many people don’t do a good job and say to themselves, “That’ll do!”

We found 19 people on the internet who had just one job! And we can’t say they failed, but they definitely didn’t complete it.

1. “Well, it happened! There is no way I can fix it.”

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2. It might seem easy in the beginning, but then…

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3. Great job!

© Aldebanan / Pikabu

4. For him and for her

© galinsergevna / Pikabu

5. Is there a ghost on the field?

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6. A cheap but effective solution

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7. This is not Photoshop!

© Beebebop / Reddit

8. Some bad placement

© basshead541 / Reddit

9. A nice door handle


10. “Okay, maybe I forgot it, so what?”

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11. “No time to explain. Just get a sponge and a few light bulbs.”

© andruha004 / Pikabu

12. Any idea where the bag went?

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13. “I installed the light, Boss.”

© klemz / Reddit

14. You can fix anything if you have duct tape.

© stale_burrito / Reddit

15. A monument of laziness

© thehappydwarf / Reddit

16. “You asked to leave it at the door. But what if someone stole it? So, I left it under the mat.”

© YarikLannister / Pikabu

17. How do you like this window?

© Faarkas / Pikabu

18. Who cares where the sidewalk ends?

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19. “This is just a temporary solution, I promise!”

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